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Terms and Conditions is part of the AirParkandFly Ltd Group - Terms & Conditions of Booking

PLEASE NOTE: AirParkandFly Ltd will not be held responsible for any claims for refunds based on any customer's claims that this information is not readily available on the site, as it is stated throughout the website and within the Terms and Conditions.

AirParkandFly Ltd is the "Disclosed Booking Agent" for the car parking facilities that we market,  and therefore all responsibility and liability for all vehicles lie with the Management Personnel of your selected Parking Site Company.


1.1  There are likely to be some seasonal special offers and in some circumstances prices may increase.

All prices are for pre-booking.


2.1 Directions and parking procedures: Please make sure you have directions to the car park and the car park telephone number, and details of the entry and exit procedures for the car park. It is your responsibility to obtain valid directions before departing for the car park -- any missed bookings, flights or other problems arising from the customer's failure to obtain valid directions will not be recompensed by AirParkandFly Ltd or any of our affiliates.

2.2 Our Affiliate Companies reserve the right at their sole discretion to apply extra charges if you fail to follow the correct entry or exit procedures or present your voucher.

2.3. Transfers to and from the airport: fees may be included in our Affiliate Company fees, but please check the car park details listed on the website or contact the car park directly to confirm this.

2.4 Minimum stays: A minimum stay may apply depending on seasonal factors. Please check with the appropriate Management. Should you wish to stay for fewer days, you can, but the cost of the minimum duration is payable.

2.5 Daily Prices: As per Website.

2.6 Car Keys: For Meet & Greet options, you must leave your car keys with operator staff.

2.7 All parking (standard and chauffeur) is subject to the terms and conditions of the individual car park. In regard to chauffeur parking, this applies to the car park at which the vehicle is stored.

2.8 Chauffeur Bookings: Any input errors resulting in company drivers being kept waiting or late arrivals by clients may result in a standard administration charge being applied, payable to the driver immediately.

2.9 Moving and Relocation of Vehicles: You must ensure that, before leaving the vehicle with the company, that it is in a roadworthy condition, taxed and holds a current NCT if applicable. The company reserves the right to move the vehicle within or outside the car parks by driving or otherwise to such extent as the company, or its servants, may in their discretion think necessary for the efficient arrangement of its parking facilities at the car parks, or in emergencies or to avoid accidents or obstructions. Ignition keys to the vehicle must therefore be left in the vehicle at the time of handing it over to the driver. It will be necessary, in the exercise of the rights conferred upon the company under this condition, for the chauffeur to have the right to drive or otherwise take the vehicle on the public highway. The drivers are fully insured by the company for this purpose.

2.10 High-sided or unusually wide vehicles:  Please check with Customer Service Support


Booking Deposits are not refundable.

Where Full Payment has been charged when making your booking, refunds will be processed If you cancel 48 hours before your Drop off Date.

Bookings Fees, Service Fees and Administration charges are non-refundable.

Booking Balance due to Car Park location booked will be invoiced to Customers who Fail to provide a minimum of 24 hr notice of cancellation.

All booking transaction charges levied by banks, credit card and other providers of financial services are strictly non-refundable.

Any clients booking where they have not complied with on-screen booking requirements (eg phone for availability etc.) and who have been unable to park will not be subject to a refund. Normal terms and conditions apply.


Cancellation Notice up to 48 hours before your Drop Off Date and Time - Fee €10.

Cancellations Notice less than 24 hours before your Drop Off Date and Time - Fee €20.00

Please check your Parking Sites Individual Terms & Conditions.  Booking Deposits and Service Fee are not refundable

Please note that these common examples fall outside the qualifying notice and will not be refunded:

SHORT NOTICE FLIGHT CHANGES – it is the customer’s responsibility to be informed of flight changes and alert the car park of any relevant changes.


IN THE EVENT OF CUSTOMERS PARKING AT OTHER CAR PARK DUE TO NOT FINDING THE BOOKED CAR PARK – No Refund – directions are clearly available on the Company's Website. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have their booking and direction details with them when they travel.

LACK OF CONFIRMATION DETAILS – confirmations are sent out automatically by our systems. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact appropriate customer services to ensure they obtain the relevant details should their confirmation fail to be delivered.

Cars are parked at the owner's risk. In the event of any complaint, please get a date and signature on a description of the complaint, with photos if possible, BEFORE LEAVING THE CAR PARK. This must be reported to the Management of the parking site within 3 days.

Unused parking days: No refund available for unused or part stays.

2.12 Arrival Times: We request customers ensure they arrive at the car park with plenty of time to achieve their flight check-in.

2.13 Complaints Procedure: Claims cannot be considered once vehicles have left the airport having been returned by the driver to its owner or once vehicles have left the car park, so you must check your car before leaving either the terminal or the car park. Should your vehicle suffer damage whilst in the care of a chauffeur or a car park or should you lose the vehicle or any of your possessions from the vehicle whilst it is in the car park's care, you must immediately inform the chauffeur or car park staff of the occurrence. In cases of theft, you must immediately inform An Garda Síochána and notify your insurers promptly. In the event that the claim is disputed, you must give written notice containing full details of the occurrence to the appropriate Car Park Management.

Any claims for loss or damage to vehicles or in relation to the quality of the service provided should be made to The Manager of the Car Park facility.

This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.


Our website may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by third parties. AirParkandFly Ltd does not control such websites and will not be responsible for their content or for any breach of contract or any intentional or negligent action on the part of such third parties, which results in any loss, damage, delay or injury to you or your companions. It is not responsible for the accuracy of opinions express in such websites, and such websites are not investigated, monitored or checked for accuracy or completeness by AirParkandFly Ltd.  Inclusion of any linked website on our site does not imply or constitute approval or endorsement of the linked website by AirParkandFly Ltd. If you decide to leave our website to access these third party sites, you do so at your own risk. All rules, policies (including privacy policies) and operating procedures of websites operated by third parties will apply to you while on such sites. AirParkandFly Ltd is not responsible for information provided by you to third parties.

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